Saturday, May 23, 2015


For the starters it is always the question in mind whether to use PIC microcontroller or AVR microcontroller. PIC manufacutred by MICROCHIP and AVR by ATMEL is beginner level 8 bit micorcontrollers which every beginner use.

If your starting a project or starting to learn some more on controllers which to follow. I list out some of my points on both controllers their pros and cons.

Moving on to PIC ,  PIC's 8 bit series 16F and 18F are the most popular one. These PIC controllers are available in package like SSOP,SOIC,DIP,QFN,QFP. 

If your project is power sensitive PIC is the best. PIC's nanoWatt XLP series have very low power. They in even go to micro Ampere current range when in Deep Sleep. Though AVRs got the power control like sleep, stand by modes but PIC is better than AVR in this matter.

Other benefit that PICs got is PIC has more features in chip than AVR. They have more peripheral fetures and control than AVR . PICS got many standard like ECAN, more CCP and ECCP channels and controls more AD converter channels than AVR. 

Its not like AVR got no such feature AVR's also got the same feature but AVR's got less flexibility in these things. 

Thing in which AVR dominates PIC is in my case TIMERS, In AVR timers got more controls than in PIC. Handling timers in AVR is always easy than PIC.

In term of cost both are same , but some PICs are cheaper in compared to AVR. 


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