Sunday, September 21, 2014


USBasp Programmer are used to program AVR microcontrollers. These programmers are used as ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming). 
AVR's ISP header are generally in 10 pin format or in 6 pin format as in arduino.

The ISP pins are connected to the AVR's SPI pins and programming can only be done if SPI downloading is enabled and external reset pin is not disabled. 

USBasp can be used with some softwares like EXTREME AVR PROGMMER and even ARDUINO.
AVR dude also supports USBasp uploading.
USBasp firmware is readily available and it uses ATMEGA8 and used AVR's VUSB for making firmware only USB driver.

The PCB is like with USB B connector.

And some 0805 100nF decouplings below.
The usbasp firmware and circuit with drivers for PC are available from its site

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