Monday, May 25, 2015

PIC vs AVR #30 #2

This is the second part of the pic and avr. One of the benefit of the avr is programming.

For the programming or firmware development avr gives AVR studio which is a very good IDE and most important for beginner is it's free. AVR studio gives most of the libraries for their micro controllers and also for the different boards made by ATMEL. 

Also one of the most important benefit that you get from AVR's 8 bit controllers is arduino. Arduino is a open source project. You can visit for more informations. Its based on AVR and most popular is ATMEGA328. You can use almost any other microcontrollers. 

For the beginners who are not so into the hardware of microcontroller thing and also with the hardware or internal things of the controller. Arduino make programming so easy that any can interface any hardware to it.

PIC on the other hand also provide their own IDE, MPLAB X , it uses a separate compiler. The bad thing is its not free. There's also a free version which does all the job done for the beginner but what the free version is not giving us is maximum code optimization . Paid version of MPLAB  gives the maximum optimization which is more that 50 % of the code size of the free version. 

PIC also provide some of the libraries for its users , also MIKRO C gives some simple programming interface for the PIC which is the third party PIC IDE. 

These are some of the things to compare between the PIC and AVR. Further on its on you to choose between PIC or AVR. 

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