I am an electronics engineer proficient in schematic design and PCB design. I like to design the 3D component for the PCB in Solidworks and have some contribution in 3dcontentcentral. I am an enthusiast of electronics engineering and also SCIENCE mainly physics. VsauceX, Veritasium ,Smarter Everyday,EEVBLOG, Physics girl are some of my favourite youtube channel. I have high speed and LVS PCB design skill and designed impedance controlled boards for RF and USB. But I  haven’t really worked with high speed design like DDRs and processors running greater than GHz of clock . But I have designed with microcontrollers of 32 bit generally with with USB and Ethernet  and external RAM and Flash and currently I have designed many boards with maximum layers of six layers with controlled impedance for USB ,ETHERNET,RF SIGNALS,RS485 and with industrial standard protections.
I also have some collection of vintage ICs which I have left back in my home in my country.

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