Friday, August 29, 2014


IR4301 is powerful IC with inbuilt power MOSFETS for the class D amplfliers.Many reference designs are available from International Rectifier also using various supplies and also with single supply and also with the dual power supply with both configuration of stereo mode and mono mode. IR4301 is a bit difficult to solder in home with home made PCB but a little effort will make is sound with whole lots of WATTS.

The filter is desingned for about cutoff frequency at around 30KHz and with the ouptut speaker of 4 watts..
With 18-0-18 transformer with 3 amps of current . We can get about 46 volts of output. This circuit can give output to 18*18/4 Watts of power with some lossed in circuit and also in mosfets.

Here's the IR4301 class d amp with single rail power supply .

With some shielded cable as signal source as input and output. This circuit works fine.
Check out the link is you are confused with the terms in class d amplier. 


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