Monday, September 22, 2014


Enc28J60 is Microchips' cheap 28 pin 10BASE-T stand alone ethernet controller IC with both MAC and PHY. IC's available in DIP,SOIC,SSOP,QFN packages and quite popular in embedded designs.
Its interfaced to controller with SPI interface and has got 8K of Buffer RAM. Many breakouts are availabe for the board but why not build one of you own.
Things we need

J006d21BNL is RJ45 connector with internal transformers. These are available in digikey or any other supplier.
ENC28J60-I/SP is DIP package

The whole schematics looks
The symbol here in C3 and in BOM above is mistaken for L3. The schematic for the capacitor should be inductor for value around 10 to 47 uH.

Here's a single layered home made PCB for the schematic.
With some nice 0805 100nF capacitor decouplings and SMD regulator below the board.
OOPs no 3d for connector..

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