Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Class D amplifiers have theoretically 100 PERCENT of efficiency. Class D amplifiers are different than other types or class of amplifiers. They are different and we can compare the analogy of class d amplfiers with smps. Class D amplifiers can also be built using the smps controllers like UC3842 or SG3524 smps controllers and PWM generators..
Class D amplifiers first modulated the signal into the PWM and most of them uses sigma delta modulation techniques.
Most of the dedicated class d amplifiers like International Rectifiers' IRS2092 have their dedicated PWM modulator. They also have inbuilt High side And Low Side drivers for Mosfets.
Generally second order LC low pass filter is used for for filtering out the high frequency carrier frequency.
IR4301 is IC >100 watts and have inbuilt mosftest and only outside low pass frequency are required.
Similarly NXP TDA8950 of 340 watts of BTL (Bridge Tied Load)  configuration .

I will be posting circuit using SG3524 and IR4301 and TDA8950.

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